Our Mission &

The TestMAXX System was created to help men improve their “Quality of Life” by reclaiming their body, mind, and spirit. Our mission is to help you feel fulfilled, balanced, and whole…where you look great, feel great, and are EMPOWERED to positively affect the ones you love and care for.

The TestMAXX Vision:
At our most basic level, man is a pretty simple creature. We strive to achieve love, security, and a sense of community. Drill down a little further and we find our desire for wealth, recognition, competition, and growth. When kept in balance, our needs and desires propel us in our pursuit of our “True Alpha.” Our vision at TestMAXX is to provide a system with which you can achieve/restore that balance. We start at the hormonal level - with the Male Master Hormone - Testosterone, and provide a blueprint for achieving superior physical and mental performance, passion, confidence, strength, muscle mass, and body composition.

How the TestMAXX System Works:
What makes the TestMAXX System truly unique, and the most revolutionary non-prescription testosterone booster in the world, is our Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Hormonal Optimization. No other testosterone supplement in existence combines a delivery system of 29 all natural ingredients, with world-class exercise programming and personal nutrition prescription…all specifically designed to optimize the male hormonal environment and maximize free testosterone levels.

LeanMAXX Daily Caloric Calculator: No more guesswork - customized calculations of which foods you should be eating, portion sizes, and timing, separated into Training and Non-Training Days.

MuscleMAXX Training Programs: Like having Personal Training Guru Mike Shaw with you for every workout.

Complete Exercise Video Catalog & Instructional Guide - video thumbnails of every exercise in your 90 Day to the Best Shape of Your Life program…for both the GYM and HOME workouts!

TrackMAXX automated daily nutrition tracker

SLAM - Snack Like A Man guide to keeping you satisfied with Testosterone Boosting snack combinations of meats, nuts, cheeses, and spices

SPOT - Supplemental Program for Optimizing Testosterone

TestMAXX AM - Ignites your T-Levels to access more FREE TESTOSTERONE throughout the day.

TestMAXX PM - Maintains Optimum Testosterone Levels throughout the evening and aids your body in recovery while you sleep.

AminoMAXX - Protects your body against stress, bolsters your immune system, and repairs your muscles after workouts.

VirilityMAXX - All Natural Male Sexual Enhancement Patch lasts for 3 days and safely delivers a combination of 5 SUPER POWERFUL herbs.

Mike Shaw:
Founder + CEO


About Mike Shaw.

Driven by his commitment to innovative training and a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, Michael Shaw has been re-defining the parameters of personal fitness since 1993.

In 2003 Shaw founded New York Personal Training (NYPT). The highly exclusive fitness studio quickly became a favorite among celebrities, power brokers, and Manhattan’s elite. Shaw’s signature program, 90 Days to the Best Shape Of Your Life, was so powerful that he used it as the blueprint for his revolutionary TestMAXX System ™.

A seasoned bodybuilder, triathlete, and outdoor obstacle course competitor, Shaw recently took up Muay Thai fighting. Realizing that the body is different when you're 49 than when you're 30, Shaw poured over every piece of research on muscle building, fat burning, and human performance that he could find. As he says, "The body knows it's not 30, even if the ego does not." True to form, Shaw is headed to Thailand for an advanced level fight camp and scheduled to make his competitive debut for his 50th birthday.

In January 2018, Shaw launched BDG Performance Labs to enable fitness enthusiasts from across the globe to join his minions of age-defying devotees in their pursuit of excellence.

As with his private clients, Shaw promises to honor the commitment of his BDG virtual clients by over-delivering on content, quality, and results. “You bring the desire and commitment. We’ll take care of everything else,” has been his tagline for 25 years.

Michael Shaw has competed as an amateur bodybuilder; 2nd place 1997 Mario Strong Eastern Regional, 4th place 1997 Mr. Universe Amateur; completed four Spartan races; and raised thousands of dollars for Lymphoma and Leukemia research while competing in the 2012 and 2013 NYC Aquaphor Triathlons as a member of Team in Training

Currently, Michael is authoring his first book and appearing on the speaking engagement circuit. To schedule Michael as your Keynote speaker, or contract him for on location personal and group training, please forward all inquiries to info@bdgperformancelabs.com.