Celebrations Without Setbacks

I can’t tell you how many times one of our private clients goes into a panic because

 they have a wedding, class reunion, or holiday party…and they think

a few hours of debauchery will derail their months of hard work.


Here’s a simple plan to stay on track and party guilt free.

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Don’t SHRINK From Fear

Use Fear To Control Your Transformation

When it comes to weight loss, or muscle gain, or pretty much any endeavor that involves working out and/or following a strict nutrition plan, our first step is usually setting a goal.

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Food for Thought

Look Within To Find Your Perfect Body

By Michael Shaw

Twenty-four years. Almost a quarter century of training clients, writing up nutrition plans, listening to excuses, and banging my head against the proverbial brick wall.

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9 Irrefutable Reasons To Hit The Gym

Can we agree that everyone would like to function at their highest level and feel their best? I don’t think I’m out on a limb with that statement. The issue isn’t in the ‘want to’… we all have that desire, even if we’ve forgotten it. The issue is in the commitment.

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Feed Your (Other) Head

6 Foods You Can Eat At Night That Will Boost Testosterone & Burn Fat

“If you eat late at night it will go straight to your fat stomach.” Blah, blah, blah….shut up! Here are some foods that will go straight to your man parts and help lean you out at the same time. Imagine that, eat a mouthful of nuts and you’ll have the mojo to give someone else a mouthful of your nuts.

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Leave the Pyramid & Double Your Fat Loss

We have all seen the Food Pyramid. Grains, consisting of bread, cereal, rice, and pasta, form the base of the food pyramid.  According to the USDA, for a period of nearly 20 years, more than 50% of your diet was supposed to come from carbohydrates. For decades the food pyramid remained untouched and unchallenged.

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Raise Your Testosterone

Have More Sex… And Muscle Tone, Laser Focus, Skyrocketing Energy, Ultimate Happiness

Who would have ever believed 20 and 30 something-year-old men would be walking around with a low/no sex drive? Low -T symptoms are becoming more prevalent among an increasingly younger demographic.

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