Celebrations Without Setbacks

I can’t tell you how many times one of our private clients goes into a panic because

 they have a wedding, class reunion, or holiday party…and they think

a few hours of debauchery will derail their months of hard work.


Here’s a simple plan to stay on track and party guilt free.

Part One: On each of the two days prior to the party, and on the morning of the celebration

get in one or two short HIIT workouts (8-16 minutes is enough). 

This is such an EASY way to keep you burning calories and fat,

and open up your glycogen stores to shuttle your party

carbs to your muscles. Bodyweight exercises in the

HIIT format are perfect for this.




Part Two: Start each day including your celebration day with a high protein & good
fat meal,
and 8oz of water every hour. With this simple plan your
body will be primed and ready for your day of indulgence.




Here are some example HIIT Circuits:

1. Crossover Mountain Climbers, Jumping Squats, Shadow Box

2. Squats, T-Planks, Mountain Climbers

3. Pushups, Burpees, Planks





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