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Is That A Scale In Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Do you carry a food scale with you everywhere you go?

How about studying every label of every food item you eat? 

Or asking your waiter for the caloric content of meal?

Neither Do WE…

You can’t always measure, weigh, and stress over every piece of food you eat…

That’s why we teach Interval Fuel Cycling


All calories burned are not equal.

Your key to MAX calorie burn is INTENSITY.

300 calories burned during a High Intensity
Interval Training workout kicks the
300 calories
burned during a 60 minute stroll on the elliptical’s ass.


HIIT forces your body to kick on
the AFTERBURNERS as a means of increasing
oxygen consumption to restore itself to a resting state.


Simply stated…


Your body continues to burn MORE calories long after your workout is finished…

The really cool thing about this:
(in my humble opinion)

It saves time at the gym.
HIIT workouts are usually
20-45 minutes in duration!




The KEY is in the structure of your training plan.

We have designed MAXX BURN workouts
to meet your specific goals. Every workout includes a
“no equipment” option…so you can do it anywhere. NO EXCUSES!


Train with intensity for 20-45 minutes.
BURN calories up to 48 hours afterward.
Replenish with all natural, healthy foods.



Sound like a plan? We think so too!

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