Leave the Pyramid & Double Your Fat Loss

We have all seen the Food Pyramid. Grains, consisting of bread, cereal, rice, and pasta, form the base of the food pyramid.  According to the USDA, for a period of nearly 20 years, more than 50% of your diet was supposed to come from carbohydrates. For decades the food pyramid remained untouched and unchallenged.

NEWS FLASH: The USDA food pyramid was designed by a legion of limp dicks that want you to join their flaccid army. For years we literally ate up their FATTENING advice by the spoonful.

Recently the USDA changed their guidelines to a recommendation that 50% of our diet comes from fruits and vegetables and a more moderate 30% from grains and 20% from protein.

Yes, it’s a small improvement. So now their only half flaccid. But is that what we’re going for here guys? I didn’t think so. We’re men. We need to eat. In fact, our bodies demand it. We need protein, lots and lots of protein.

THE SKINNY (Pun Intended)

First, approximately 25% of your calories should come from healthy sources like nuts, oils, and organic dairy products like butter and cream, etc. Healthy fats are a critical part of your diet.

Next, decrease your grains down to 15%. There are only 2 meals a day where you should even consider eating grains – Breakfast (1st meal) and your post-workout meal. These are the two times of day that research has proven glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity to be highest. (Breakfast, however, should take place at least 2-5 hours after you wake up…but that’s another topic for another article)

Increase protein intake from 20% to at least 35%.  There are SOOOOO many benefits to increasing protein intake, such as an increased thermic effect of feeding (i.e. you burn more calories just by eating more protein), better blood sugar control, a decrease in body fat, and an increase in calorie-burning lean muscle.

Simply by decreasing your grain intake while simultaneously increasing your body’s ability to process carbohydrates, along with increasing your overall protein consumption, you’ll be well on your way to DOUBLING your fat loss results.

Fat loss will help you keep your cortisol levels low. Lower cortisol production will, in turn, help you avoid putting on more belly fat. Carrying less fat will improve your circulation and blood flow. Improving your blood flow will…. Wait For It, make you LONG, STRONG, AND DOWN TO GET THE FRICTION ON!

Sound like a plan? Of course it does…unless you want to go back to the pyramid.

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