Monday Metabolic Reset

Give Yourself a Monday Metabolic Reset

I am a huge fan of employing the “Flexible Dieting” principle in my nutrition planning.
In simpler terms…I eat whatever I want on Sundays.

This practice guarantees that every

7th day I take a mental break from my strict routine,

and celebrate my accomplishments of the prior week.

It also gives me all the energy I need to reset my metabolism the following day…Monday.


Every Monday morning, my routine looks like this…

First things first…Morning

My pre-noon food intake (I wake up at 5:25am) consists solely of water and fruit.


Because our bodies are made up of mostly water and I want to feel natural and clean as I energize for the week ahead.

Pro tip:

Sprinkle some Pink Himalayan Sea Salt into your water and on your fruit. It includes 84 minerals that:
* Improve Respiratory Problems
* Balance Your Body’s pH
* Natural Digestive Aid
* Better Sleep Inducer

If you are a coffee drinker:

By all means have a cup. No use being in great shape if you’re walking into walls.

Personally, I’ve never even tried it. The combination of fruit and water provides all the energy boost I need.


I always eat 3 whole eggs + 3 egg whites cooked in coconut oil and accompanied by half an Avacado.

From that point forward I drink 16oz of water per hour until 6pm.

My 3pm and 6pm meals:

I focus on protein, veggies, and healthy fats.

Using this Monday Metabolic Reset enables your body to switch into fat burning mode,

recover from the weekend, and set you up for a kick-ass week.


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