Best Shape Of Your Life


Personal Exercise Programming and Nutrition Prescription, Daily Caloric Calculator, Complete Exercise Video Catalog & Instructional Guide, Daily Nutrition Tracker, & T-Boosting Snack Guide
90 Day Training Program
For the first time ever, you can access the exact same 90 Day Best Shape of Your Life program that Personal Training Guru, Mike Shaw, has used for the past 25 years to transform the bodies and lives of celebrities, power brokers, and international movers and shakers

90 Day MAXX Training Program

Your program includes:

Personal Exercise Programming and Nutrition Prescription based on Your Unique Profile, and Specifically Designed to Optimize the Male Hormonal Environment and Maximize Free Testosterone Levels.

LeanMAXX Daily Caloric Calculator: No more guesswork – customized calculations of which foods you should be eating, portion sizes, and timing, separated into Training and Non-Training Days.

MuscleMAXX Training Programs: Like having Personal Training Guru Mike Shaw with you for every workout.

Complete Exercise Video Catalog & Instructional Guide – video thumbnails of every exercise in your 90 Day BSOL program…for both the GYM and HOME workouts!

TrackMAXX automated daily nutrition tracker

SLAM – Snack Like A Man guide to keeping you satisfied with Testosterone Boosting snack combinations of meats, nuts, cheeses, and spices


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