30 or 90 Day Supply

The Supplemental Program for Optimizing Testosterone includes our complete lineup of T-Level Boosting, Muscle Recovery, & Performance Maximizing supplements.


BDG Supplement Program for Optimizing Testosterone

SPOT – The BDG Performance Labs Supplemental Program for Optimizing Testosterone includes our complete lineup of      T-Level Boosting supplements.TestMAXX AM – Ignites your T-Levels to access more FREE TESTOSTERONE throughout the day.TestMAXX PM – Maintains Optimum Testosterone Levels throughout the evening and aids your body in recovery while you sleep.AminoMAXX – Protects your body against stress, bolsters your immune system, and repairs your muscles after workouts.VirilityMAXX – All Natural Male Sexual Enhancement Patch lasts for 3 days and safely delivers a combination of 5 SUPER POWERFUL herbs.


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