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 Six Pack Abs, Flat Mid-Section, Strong Core…


Six Pack Abs, Flat Mid-Section, Strong Core…

Everyone is searching for the Holy Grail of abdominal routines.

Many of our clients want to know if they should include sit-ups in their ab exercise rotation.

The definitive answer is … MAYBE.
It really depends on your individual body type and core competency.

Here’s the thing…if you can perform sit-ups with perfect form, and not strain your back or neck,
I have NO PROBLEM with you including them as one exercise in a rotation of AB exercises.

If you are like me and the pain in your low back far outweighs the benefit to your abs, ELIMINATE the sit up.

As a side note, I highly recommend spending some time stretching to improve your hip flexibility,
and adding some low back strengthening exercises to your regimen.


Let’s look at the plank – compared to sit-ups, a far superior abdominal exercise.

Why Plank?

Because planks target your core muscles without putting any strain on your
back or spine.

There are many variations of the plank that will ensure you hit your abdominals,
obliques, and entire core region from every angle…with maximum efficiency.

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